"You know, everything's gone be alright, I promise. Apologize to you know, to put ya'll in this position and vent to ya'll but...40 mom always say, "Don't ask permisson, just ask forgiveness" You know, so... forgive me." - Aubrey Drake Graham 


Photograph courtesy of    Shabreon Starks

Photograph courtesy of  Shabreon Starks

I want to start off by saying I'M SORRY!! My mother gets so upset when I say sorry for something I didn't do because it assumes the fault of wrong doing. But in this instance I would rather ask for your forgiveness instead of permission and approval about anything that I'm doing from this moment forward. Forgiveness for anything that I may say on my blog that many offend any of my family, friends, peers, colleagues, or any new supporters that come across my blog and think that, "this isn't proffesional, grammatically correct, I can't believe she said that, etc. etc."

Photograph courtesy of    Mia Alexandra

Photograph courtesy of  Mia Alexandra

This blog is my personal diary. My experience with chasing and creating my dreams. My experiences about love, life, and gaining self confidence. I have been told by my creator that I have a story to tell, so I'm going to do just that. Tell it.

Facing biggest fear of myself. The day I came alive .  Blackice Bell   created an amazing experience for me. 

Facing biggest fear of myself. The day I came alive. Blackice Bell created an amazing experience for me. 

There will be vulgarity, misspelled words, run on sentences, videos of me crying on somedays, days of fear, and moments of joy. This is my story. Story of being a black girl from Kansas City, MO who dared to dream outside of the box, overcome fears, family, emotional abuse, overbearing shadows, and ongoing battles of self worth, and becoming a fearless dream making woman. This is my letter to whomever wants to learn from my experiences and to receive better understanding of who I am NOW. Not who I was in high school, college, or even a year ago. I've never been one to hold my tongue or attitude. And always one to share my love of laughter, passion, arts, love, and life. I pray that you like what read and come to my blog with a open mind and heart. So with that being said, I would like tell you my story and share my journey. Welcome to THE EXPERIENCE : As Told by Vanne McMillan. 

                                              Love Always,